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Nike Free running and training shoes are specifically designed to let your feet move more naturally and freely than traditional athletic shoes, providing all the benefits of barefoot running with the added cushioning and protection of a shoe.The shoes upper works with the midsole to provide additional support without impeding the barefoot like experience.The Nike Free Run shoes category lists the Nike Free range - featuring some of our most popular running shoes available. NIke Free Run Mens, Womens and Kids running shoes offer a barefoot-like ride with the flex grooves yet still offering cushioning and traction of a traditional shoe. Professional advice may be needed when using this type of footwear.

Nike Free Run shoes are assigned a number between 0 and 10, and the lower the number in the shoes name, the closer that shoe is to true barefoot running. On that scale, 10 would represent a conventional shoe, while zero would be truly barefoot. In other words, the Nike Free 3.0 offers more of a barefoot feel than the Nike Free 5.0, which provides more of the cushioning and protection of regular athletic shoes.

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